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Pet Wellness Exams

Yearly wellness checks are crucial for maintaining your pet’s happiness and health. Preventive care is vital for the well-being of your pet. We advise having wellness checks, adhering to a vaccination schedule for your pets, and coordinating all aspects of wellness care with us.

Pet Wellness Exams

This is also an excellent opportunity for you to discuss any issues your pet has or get any questions answered.

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Pet Wellness Exams

Our veterinarian will give your pet a thorough physical examination during the wellness check. We’ll weigh your pet to ensure it’s within a healthy range for its breed and age. The veterinarian will examine your pet’s gait to identify any musculoskeletal problems. To look for conditions like breathing difficulties and heart murmurs, our doctor will also listen to your furry family member’s heart and lungs. In addition, the vet will examine your pet’s skin, teeth, and gums for any indications of inflammation or pain.

Your pet may receive vaccines or other preventatives to keep them safe against central infections that can cause issues later in life. The vet may also advise a urinalysis, blood tests, or fecal testing.

This is also an excellent opportunity for you to talk about any issues your pet is having or get any questions you might have regarding their health and well-being answered.

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