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Pocket Pet Animal Medicine

Shelton Veterinarian Center offers specialized veterinary care for your pocket pets.

Pet Pocket Pet Animal Medicine

Our all-inclusive care for pocket pets ranges from routine checkups and immunizations to more involved services like surgical options, which include spaying and neutering.
ferret in the field

Pet Pocket Pet Animal Medicine

Rabbits and “pocket pets” including ferrets, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, mice, rats, chinchillas, hamsters, and gerbils are treated by the skilled veterinarians at Shelton Veterinary Center. Our veterinarian services for exotic pets include:

  • Comprehensive Physical Exams
  • Parasite Treatment & Control
  • Medical Treatment
  • Nail trims
  • Husbandry & Specialty Diets
  • Prescriptions
  • Surgery
  • Spay & Neuter

Making sure these animals have the right housing, diet, and owners who are aware of their normal behavioural patterns is a big part of taking care of these species. Each species also has typical ailments that need medical attention, and we advise yearly physical checkups to look for any issues early on.

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Pet Pocket Pet Animal Medicine

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