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Pet Digital Radiology

Our staff is skilled at gathering the digital x-rays we need to diagnose and treat your pet’s ailment fast.

Pet Digital Radiology

We want your pet to be healthy from the inside out here at Shelton Veterinary Center. Your veterinarian can learn about problems that we can’t see from the outside thanks to digital radiography.

doctors examining a dog

Pet Digital Radiology

For many years, veterinarians have employed radiographs as a reliable, non-invasive method to examine an animal’s body. High-energy radiography beams are directed into the desired area of your pet’s body using radiograph equipment. The denser tissues will absorb the radiographic rays in your pet’s body, such as the bones and teeth, which will be captured on the computer screen.
One of the numerous reasons we would advise having digital radiographs taken of your pet is:

  • To assess your pet’s health
  • To check for bone fractures, joint dislocations, and other injuries related to blunt or high-force trauma (e.g., car accident)
  • To visualize and confirm the presence of an ingested foreign object
  • To rule in or out the presence of certain health conditions, including bone tumors

We’ll most likely give your pet sedative or, if necessary, general anesthesia during a digital radiology scan. This is done to guarantee that your pet is calm and at ease throughout the treatment and that any photos obtained are as sharp and readable as possible.

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