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Pet Cold Laser Therapy

Modern veterinary medicine uses laser treatment to treat a variety of illnesses, including chronic pain in animals. Whether or not a pet has had orthopaedic surgery, class IV (cold) laser therapy is particularly beneficial for treating pets who suffer from osteoarthritis discomfort.

Pet Cold Laser Therapy

Once we have had a chance to assess your companion’s condition, we will give you a specific treatment recommendation.
doctors giving medical treatment to the dog

Pet Cold Laser Therapy

The cold laser promotes cell growth using photochemical, rather than thermal, light treatment. Through the reduction of inflammation caused by the encouragement of cell growth, pain is reduced, wounds heal quickly, and tissue is repaired. Your pet will receive non-invasive care during this process.

Laser therapy can aid almost every illness process that involves inflammation. Musculoskeletal disorders and injuries are the most typical conditions for which laser therapy is used in veterinary medicine. The laser works nicely to improve the function of muscles that have been stretched due to arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other injuries and to speed up the healing of injured muscles. Laser therapy is beneficial for dogs healing from orthopedic surgery because it reduces inflammation and pain while boosting circulation. When using the laser to treat wounds and incisions, healing time is accelerated.

The veterinarian care for your pet might include low-level laser therapy. Even the most frightened animal can be treated quickly because the procedure is short and painless. In fact, after just a few minutes of treatment, many animals feel more at ease.

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